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July 2015 Israel SQL Server Usersgroup Meeting

  • In-Person @ 2 HaPnina St. Raanana, HaSharon, Israel (map)
  • 17:30 - 20:30 Jerusalem Daylight Time
  • Language: Hebrew

  1. Query Tuning Like a Pro (Michael Zilberstein)


Your query runs fast, but from time to time it appears to be stuck, and you don't have a clue what causes it. Is it a blocking issue? Or maybe another process throttles server resources? [Query Duration] = [Execution Duration] + [Wait Duration]. This simple formula lies in a basis of a powerful methodology that enables us to find root cause of query slowness. Of course, it can be a sub-optimal execution plan. But what if execution plan is the best one you can imagine and query is still stuck from time to time? Many other reasons can slow it down, but where should we look for those reasons? By the end of this session you will be equipped with a step-by-step algorithm and a set of scripts that are capable of eliminating guesswork from troubleshooting query performance.

Michael Zilberstein (Blog), database consultant and architect, 13 years of experience with SQL Server. Specializing in data-intensive applications in the broadest way - architecture, design and performance - both hardware and software. Besides SQL Server, Michael is passionate about hiking, chess and history.

Michael Zilberstein


  1. Transact-SQL: The Power of INSTEAD OF Triggers (Ronen Ariely)


A trigger is a special kind of stored procedure that automatically executes when an event occurs in the database server. For example on insert, update or other DML and DDL query's execution events. We can create DML triggers on tables to execute after or INSTEAD OF events, but a view can be referenced only by INSTEAD OF triggers. An "INSTEAD OF trigger" is executed instead of the original event, and not combining with it. In this session, we will go step by step, and we will create different triggers, discuss different cases, and mention some useful tips and tricks.

Ronen Ariely (Blog|Facebook) is a senior consultant, architect and programmer. He has more than 15 years of experience in variety of programming languages and technologies, managing and leading development teams as well as SQL & BI enterprise level solutions. Ronen is active in network communities in the field of Programming, SQL Server and T-SQL. He serves as moderator in MSDN communities (known as "pituach"), in the local interface in Hebrew, and in the global interface in English. He is the founder and co-leader of the Microsoft TechNet Wiki Ninjas groups on Facebook. Ronen also writes technical blogs and MS-TechNet articles, which won the TechNet Guru competition multiple times.

Ronen Ariely


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