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September 2015 Israel PASS Chapter Meeting

  • In-Person @ 2 HaPnina St. Raanana, HaSharon, Israel (map)
  • 17:30 - 20:00 Jerusalem Daylight Time
  • Language: Hebrew

  1. Performance Tuning of Ad-Hoc Queries (Adi Cohn, Naya Technologies)

We all know that using stored procedures is better than using ad hoc queries, but do we really know the difference in the way that SQL Server works with both techniques? In the case that we have an application that we can't modify, which works with ad hoc queries, can we still optimize the query? In this session we'll discuss how the server works when we run ad hoc queries, and what we can do when an application works with ad hoc queries.

Adi Cohn (Twitter) started working as a programmer (using VB5 and Access 2.0) during the 90s. He was introduced to SQL Server 6.5 and started working as a DBA. Some people say that he even managed to learn a few things as a DBA. Personally, he hopes that they are correct...

Adi Cohn


  1. Introduction to Azure DocumentDB (Eitan Blumin, Madeira)

Eitan Blumin introduces Azure DocumentDB – a promising new technology in the NoSQL field. Attend this session to learn what DocumentDB is, why you need it (or not), and what it has to do with Microsoft SQL Server...

Eitan Blumin (Blog|Twitter) has a black belt in SQL Server design and development. Eitan is a brilliant architect as well as a professional developer who is capable of turning a very complex design into a practical and efficient solution. He has nine years of experience facing all kinds of database challenges, consulting for dozens of clients. In addition to drawing database diagrams, Eitan loves to draw and paint, especially comics.

Eitan Blumin


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