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March 2016 Israel PASS Chapter Meeting

  • In-Person @ 2 HaPnina St. Raanana, HaSharon, Israel (map)
  • 17:30 - 20:30 (UTC+02:00) Jerusalem
  • Language: English

  1. The Modern Databases and Future Roadmap - Data Architecture Breakdown (Yossi Elkayam, Microsoft)

If you fill surrounded by tens of modern databases, tens of usage scenarios, tens of choices, then let's take a break for data architecture breakdown, databases vNext and world trends. This session will cover the data lake, including things such as: SQL Data Warehouse (called Azure DWH, PDW @ MS cloud), Polybase ,HDInsight and more. We will answer why, when and how...

Yossi Elkayam is a Sr. BI Architect at Microsoft Israel.

Yossi Elkayam


  1. Stretching Your DB to the Cloud (Shy Engelberg, Valinor)

When SQL 2016 was introduced, Satya Nadella said: "SQL 2016 perhaps is the biggest breakthrough you have ever seen in database technology". He was focusing on Stretch Database capabilities, and he called it the infinite database where you have the capability to pick a single table and stretch it to Azure without any code changes.

During the session I will take you through the technical details of the new "Stretch Database" feature, going deep into its implementation, performance, cost, advantages, disadvantages and more. I will try to answer this question and more: Is it really that unique? innovative? and such a big breakthrough? Come to this session to find out...

Shy Engelberg (Twitter)is the CTO of Valinor. For the past 10 years he has been designing, maintaining, tuning, developing and supporting mission critical data solutions of all scales both as a DBA and as a team leader.

Shy Engelberg

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