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July 2017

  • In-Person @ 2 HaPnina St. Raanana, HaSharon, Israel (map)
  • 17:30 - 19:00 Jerusalem Daylight Time
  • Language: English

1.              Clouds, Databases and Everything in Between – Adi Sapir (75 Minutes)

It is no secret that today’s world is leaning more and more towards public clouds. What does this mean, how will the future look like, and most important – what are the new data-related roles looking like.

A brief, high-level coverage focusing on facts, predictions and Adi’s personal experience working within the US Market.

2.              Stretch Database – Tomer Lev (45 Minutes)

In this session, I will talk about an interesting feature that was introduced in SQL Server 2016 called Stretch Database. This feature allows you to stretch the SQL Server database on the client site to a server in Azure and thus earn disk space of the production server and especially the maintenance of large tables. This solution is one of Microsoft's real attempts to produce a 100% integrated hybrid database.

The session will include the following:

·         Introduction to Stretch DB

·         Limitations for Stretch Database

·         Setting up Stretch Database

·         Backup and Restore of a Stretch Database

·         Un-migrate Data


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