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SQL Server 2017 GraphDB and More DBA Tips

  • In-Person @ 2 HaPnina St. Raanana, HaSharon, Israel (map)
  • 17:00 - 19:00 Jerusalem Daylight Time
  • Language: Hebrew

1. GraphDB in SQL Server 2017 – Geri Reshef (60 Minutes)

GraphDB is a new SQL Server technology, introduced in SQL Server 2017, which supports storing and exploring graph (network) data, mainly social networks, but also geographical data, bill of material, flow charts, etc.

The presentation will include the following topics:

· An introduction to the graph theory

· The infrastructure of the GraphDB in SQL Server 2017: the objects and the T-SQL enhancements

· The current limitations and the expected improvements of the technology

· Performance issues

· Comparison to the classic approach

2. SQL Server DBA Tips That Can Save Your Ass – Part 2 – Guy Glantser (60 Minutes)

In this session we will present and demonstrate many tips & tricks that can help database administrators take the best out of SQL Server. The tips you'll learn in this session will help you improve the productivity, availability, security and performance of your system. We picked the topics that are less known and yet have a great impact. The session is based on SQL Server 2016, and includes some of the new features in the new version, but it is relevant also for older versions of SQL Server


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SQL Joke of the month:

DBAs make the best husbands. They understand relationships and know how to commit

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