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The user group was started in 1999 by Itzik Ben Gan to address the need for a Israel based community and this site specifically addressing the needs, concerns and asperations of people based in the Israel. 
The user group has over 500 registered members, we hold regional meetings in the Misrosoft offices in Raanana; we are always on the look out for new venues and new speakers.
The underlining principal is that membership is Free, we are supported by numerous companies in the SQL Server product space, those companies help us stage meetings.



  Chapter Managers:  

Guy Glantser 


Dubi Lebel




Chapter Contributors:



Matan Yungman 


Maria Zakourdaev  


If you have any questions about the group please drop us a line.

If you're interested in speaking we're especially interested to hear from you. 

If you're interested in being sponsors, we'll love to here about it.


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